3D Tendon Geometry editor



  • Each tendon is defined independently in both plan and elevation views. The 3D alignment of the tendons inside the structure is performed automatically by the program.
  • Allows intuitive graphical definition of the tendon layout in both plan and elevation views.
  • Tab-view system for tendon editor, that allows switching between side and elevation views.
  • Positioning of 3D tendons based on reference points and curvatures. Automatic 3D alignment generation of the defined tendons. Second order Bezier curves are used by the program to create the tendon layout.
  • Possibility of selecting and viewing a cross section with the corresponding location of displayed tendons. Many graphic options are available.
  • Data table view with graph and list representation of all prestressing losses throughout the structure that can be customized by selecting or unselecting different options.
  • The tendons can be placed in both Beams and Solid element models.
  • Calculation of instantaneous and long-term losses for both beam and solid elements.
  • Any Tendon Editor view can┬ábe exported in WMF vectorial format to be used with other programs.