We know that is not enough to have one of the best programs of analysis, it is necessary to provide you an exclusive product knowledge. Our engineers are dedicated to full time technical support, training and technical consulting, providing value-added courses due to the knowledge acquired in real engineering projects.

We offer a variety of standard courses as well as custom courses, held either at our facilities or at the customers site.

Now Available the Free FEM Course for Civil Engineering CivilFEM with powered by Marc or from CivilFEM´s Youtube channel

Standard Training Courses

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Custom Training Options

If our standard training offerings do not meet your requirements, we can develop a course or set of courses tailored to your specific needs. We will work with your staff to design the course you need. In case you have a number of employees who need training, we offer the cost effective option of bringing our class to your facility.

logo_unedSpecialist in FEM (university professors and Ingeciber expert engineers) have designed and elaborated a study programme that finally has become the International Master in Theorical & Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation.

There are two different branches of study in the Master: Mechanical Branch and Construction Branch.

Participants who choose Construction Branch in the Expert module, will use CivilFEM in Dynamic,Non-Linear, Steel Structure, Concrete Advanced analysis and Geotechnics specialized modules.

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As an Engineer in the 21st century your selection of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools and classes is virtually limitless, but your time isn’t.

Recognizing this the International CAE Education Center (ICAEEC) is developing a new series of Online CAE Power courses around industry standard tools using real world examples that provide you with real experience that you can use in the workplace.

Unlike OEM based training courses, which are built around theoretical exercises, our Power CAE courses are designed to give you the practical knowledge and skills needed to perform complex engineering analysis at your job.

You will be able to learn following our tough distance-learning design, using problems that are based on your specific industry and interests, so that you will get real results in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t wait for the 22nd century to come around, start today and become a better engineer tomorrow.

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