Non Linear Material Library

Extensive material library that cover the most International Codes

  • Non-linear and time dependent material properties editable by the user to carry out construction sequence analysis.
  • Stress-Strain user definition curves Visualization of time-dependent material properties.
  • Concrete material library.
  • Structural steel material library.
  • Reinforced steel material library.
  • Prestressed concrete material library.
  • User-defined material library: easier and faster ¬†material model definition.
  • Soils and rock materials.
  • Utilities for concrete modeling: interface for SOLID65 element and SOLID65 properties generator.

Steel material properties according to codes:

  • Eurocode No 3 (European), AISC-LRFD (USA), EAE and CTE (Spanish), British Standard 5950
  • Prestressing steel material properties according to codes: EHE (Spanish), British Standard 5896, ASTMA 416, JISG 3536, EN 10138

Concrete material properties according to codes:

  • Eurocode No 2 (European), ACI 318 ¬†(American), EHE (Spanish), CEB-FIP (Model Code), British Standard 8110, AS3600 (Australian), GB-50010/ GB-50017(Chinese), SP 52101, IS 456.

Codes and Standards:

  • Brazilian Code NBR6118
  • Indian Standard 456
  • Russian Cp 52/101/03
  • AASHTO code (Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges)
  • CALTRANS Seismic Design Criteria
  • French code PS 92
  • Greek code EAK 2000
  • Indian code IS 1856
  • Uniform Building Code