Cross Sections

  • Definition of any type of cross sections using a single window
  • Mechanical structural and code properties, reinforcement properties, etc.
  • Automatic discretization in points and tessellas (small facets) inside the beam cross section.

Steel Cross Sections

  • Library of Hot Rolled Shapes: more than 4000 shapes available (AISC, ARBED, etc).
  • User-defined hot rolled shapes library.
  • Quick search of adequate shape.
  • Typical Steel Sections by Dimensions: Simple T, I Section, C Channel, Angled L, Box, Pipe.
  • Generic Steel Sections by Plates.
  • Section Merge: composition of a section from two existing sections.
  • Section Edition.


Concrete Cross Sections:

  • Typical Concrete Sections by Dimensions: Rectangular, Box, Simple T, Double T, Circular, Hollow circular.
  • Multiple ways for defining section’s reinforcement (bending, shear, torsion).
  • New cross section type for cables.
  • Section definition by capture from 2D/3D ANSYS Models.
  • The cross section can have any generic shape and can be made up of  different materials.
  • User-defined section library.