Retaining Structures

The calculation of retaining walls by means of 2D non-linear beam elements takes into account:

  • The construction process of the structure (non linear construction sequence analysis). It is possible to define the excavation level (or back fill) for each calculation step.
  • The soil-structure interaction by the means of contact elements that are automatically placed along the structure by the program.
  • The existence of anchorages, joints (linking two sheet piles),layered soils, applied loads, etc. with any ANSYS or CivilFEM cross section.


Earth pressure utility.

  • Apply pressures and forces corresponding to active and passive pressure and soil weight on the selected elements.


It is possible to simulate and analyze the construction process of two sheet piles simultaneously.

  • Any cross section can be used.


The reinforcement of the retaining walls can be later designed by CivilFEM.

Code checking and design can be performed.