Shell Reinforcement Design

Shell reinforcement works with ANSYS elements Shell43, Shell63 and Shell93.

CivilFEM allows to design the shell reinforcement according to the following methods:

  • Wood-Armer Method: design of reinforcement is done for MX, MY and MXY. In plane loads are ignored. The orientation angles of reinforcement can be defined for each shell vertex.
  •  CEB-FIP Method: design of reinforcement taking into account the effects of in-plane loading: Tx, Ty, Txy, Mx, My, Mxy, Nx, Ny. § Virtual frames method (New).
  • Orthogonal Directions Method: design of reinforcement for bending moments and axial forces is performed independently for each direction. Reinforcements are defined as an orthogonal mesh (directions of this mesh are taken as element X and Y axes).
  • Mosts Unfavorable Direction Method: calculate reinforcement requirement of the concrete shells with a method based on the one proposed by CAPRA-MAURY; this method accounts for bending moments (Mx, My) and torsional moments (Mxy) as well as axial forces (Tx, Ty) and in-plane shear forces (Txy).