CivilFEM 2021 powered by Marc Release Highlights & BetaTester.

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CivilFEM 2021 Release Highlights & BetaTester

June 2, 2021


Language: English

This webinar will introduce CivilFEM 2021 Powered by Marc with special emphasis on the new capabilities and major enhancements through practical examples.

CivilFEM 2021 noteworthy improvements:

  • New geotechnical materials models.
  • New thermal-structural strong coupled analysis. Stress-Strain law for structural material properties at elevated temperature according EN 1994-1-2. Temperature dependent cracking stress.
  • Geometry improvements: Import geometry from IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), new boolean operation (Section) and improvements on properties view bar for referenced geometry.
  • Automatic congruent meshing. Detection of common curves and application of automatic local controls for the meshing of structural elements.
  • Activation and deactivation of springs for construction process analysis.
  • Solid section (forces and moments calculation) for solids 2D
 11:00 AM EDT (New York Time) – Register now


11:00 AM CEST (Paris Time) – Register now


On the occasion of the launch of the new CivilFEM 2021 Powered by Marc®, we invite you to be part of the Beta Tester program by registering on the CivilFEM Free Course. Beta tester program will be available from 1st June. Terms & conditions



Ingeciber’s CivilFEM powered by Marc software suite is now available through the MSCOne


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