CivilFEM® APPs for ANSYS® Workbench™ Now Available in the ANSYS AppStore!

CivilFEM® APPs for ANSYS® Workbench™ are now available in the ANSYS AppStore

To find these Apps search for “Eurocode Check & Design” and “AISC/ACI Check & Design” in the AppStore.

CivilFEM® APPs allow the user to check and design your ANSYS® Workbench™models using the main international construction standards.

With CivilFEM® APPs, an ANSYS® user is able to work in the construction and civil engineering fields by analyzing their models without the need of additional training, in a user-friendly and agile way

CivilFEM® APPs includes check & design tools for Beams and Shells, both Steel and Reinforced Concrete for European (EC2 and EC3), American (AISC, LRFD, AISC ASD and ACI318) and American nuclear ACI 349 standards (coming soon).

CivilFEM´s development team will continue working to implement the most demanded standards.

CivilFEM® APP´s Annual Lease Price:  1,490$

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