Ingeciber participated in the seminar “Cut your LCOE by optimizing tracker performance”

Ingeciber participated in the seminar “Cut your LCOE by optimizing tracker performance”, where Roman Martin explained how advanced engineering FEM and CFD rotor mimulations can provide solutions to the great challenges of solar tracker manufacturing.

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Renewable energies are becoming increasingly efficient and competitive. High capacity for modernization, the increasing know-how among manufacturers and high competition in the sector are leading to a new generation of more efficient and affordable solar trackers.

As a result, more competent trackers are being manufactured at a much lower price than a decade ago, making photovoltaic electricity production costs so competitive that they are raising solar energy to a preferential position in global production.

Underlying all this increased efficiency, meanwhile, there is a high degree of specialization and very advanced engineering development which, by means of new computer tools and specialization of the engineers, succeeds in increasing the competitiveness of photovoltaic energy year after year.

These are the scenarios in which engineering and advanced consulting companies, such as EnginSoft in Italy or Ingeciber in Spain, offer complete solutions through  advanced simulation, based on their extensive experience. Their engineers combine a high degree of specialization in different fields with the mastery of numerous fixed element method (FEM) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.


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