Release of CivilFEM 2019 Powered by Marc

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Duration: 45 minutes


This webinar introduces CivilFEM 2019 Powered by Marc. Attend this webinar and learn about the major enhancements with the help of practical examples.

On the occasion of the launch of CivilFEM 2019, we invite you to join BetaTester program 2019. Learn more about this program in the Bases of the Contest and attending this webinar. You can enroll in our program, by clicking on the button below and completing the form.



  • Hoek&Brown material model for rock behavior.
  • Seepage-structural coupled analysis improvement: advanced capabilities for water level fluctuation analysis due to heavy rain, wells, season fluctuations or Construction Dewatering and its influence in effective stress, soil carrying capacity or slope instability in transient or stage and construction structural analysis.
  • New cohesive contact (contact stiffness defined as a function of relative displacement) for modeling bond-slip behavior in reinforced concrete structures or bolts and anchors pull-out.
  • Beam tapered cross sections and different reinforcement groups inside a structural element.
  • Ability to copy/paste CivilFEM tables data from/to Excel tables.

Who should Attend?

  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Civil and Structural engineers.
  • Mechanical engineers.
  • FEA specialist.
  • Architects.
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