Advanced Nonlinear Simulations and Structural Design in CivilFEM 2017

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Date and Time:

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 05:30 pm

Europe Time (Paris, GMT+01:00)

Language: English

Duration: 45 minutes


CivilFEM is a general-purpose software ideal for the analysis and design of any civil engineering structure. CivilFEM enables to solve non-linear analysis and Code verification and design, making it a unique solution for all the civil/structural engineering projects.

The intuitive interface allows to model complex structures quick and easily with a complete range of analysis tools, solving static, dynamic and multi-physics (seepage/thermal-structural coupled analysis) loading scenarios with accurate results.

The aim of this webinar is to have an overview of the most advanced capabilities with three models:

  1. A steel structure optimization for a high rise building, comparing diagrid with classic structure configuration, with linear and non-linear analyses, calculation of load-carrying capacity, non-linear buckling analysis and safety according to Structural Steel Design Codes. Also a thermal-structural analysis to design fire protection and analyze de risk of progressive collapse.


  1. A reinforcement concrete model with Code Design and nonlinear analysis with the unique CivilFEM features for modeling nonlinear concrete behavior: creep and shrinkage, concrete, nonlinear steel reinforcement, post-tensile cracking behavior, post-compression crushing behavior and strain softening. Also pre- and post-tensioning concrete for beam, shell and solid elements, combined with activation and deactivation and time dependent material properties for detailed staged analysis.


  1. A 3D soil-structure interaction analysis with nonlinear geotechnical materials considering hardening and softening properties under cycling loads, pressure dependent behavior of porous soils, construction and excavation and safety factors for stability problems.


Join this webinar to learn about:


  • Check and design of steel structures according to international codes and standards (AISC, LRFD, EC3, etc.) in CivilFEM.
  • Advanced nonlinear steel modelling in CivilFEM.
  • Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis.
  • Check and design of concrete structures according to international codes and standards (ACI 318, EC2, AASTHO, etc.) in CivilFEM.
  • Advanced nonlinear concrete modelling in CivilFEM.
  • Soil mechanics.
  • Geotechnical investigation.
  • Earthwork simulations.
  • Slope stability analysis.
  • Soil Structure Interaction.


Who Should Attend?


  • Civil and Structural engineers.
  • Geotechnical engineers.
  • Bridge engineers.
  • Forensic engineers.
  • FEA specialist.
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