CivilFEM 2022 powered by Marc Release Highlights


CivilFEM 2022 Release Highlights


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This webinar will introduce the new capabilities of CivilFEM 2022 Powered by Marc. Several examples of these capabilities will be shown with special emphasis on composite materials and their application to civil engineering.

CivilFEM 2022 noteworthy improvements:

  • Voxel mesher. This mesher fills the volume of a solid with a uniform mesh of cubical or rectangular hexahedral elements.
  • Materials composed of layers of different materials with various layers thickness and different orientations (composite materials).
  • New window to create user results. Easy access to the Python commands to create your own results.
  • Von Mises plasticity for orthotropic materials.

These improvements are added to new capabilities that were launched in the last Service Pack recently:

  • Automatic Code Combination. Eurocode and ASCE 7 load combinations.
  • Reinforcement in solid sections. Inserted elements are taken into account to calculate solid sections.
  • Vector to define gradient direction for surface loads.

Event Status: Not Started.
Date: July 27, 2022.
Host: Román Martín & Ronald Siat, MSc. Civil Engineers – INGECIBER, S.A.
Language: English.

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Ingeciber’s CivilFEM powered by Marc software suite is now available through the MSCOne


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