CivilFEM Powered by Marc 2017 Release Highlights

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Date and Time: July 26, 2017 (Wednesday) at 1:00 PM CEST.
Duration: 45 minutes.
Webinar Hosts: Ronald Siat, CivilFEM Development Team.


We are excited to bring you the latest release of CivilFEM Powered by MarcCivilFEM 2017 features the Expert license capabilities as main addition after current Intro and Advanced license types.

We believe it will exceed your expectations and provide more powerful tools in your engineering analyses and simulation productivity. To mark the release of CivilFEM 2017, we will be hosting a webinar to go over the newest features and you are welcome to attend.

Main improvements:

  • Conical projection for 3D view.
  • Improved generation of reports.
  • Definition of Pre-stressed reinforced concrete in beams, shells and solids models.
  • Ability to define several geometry entities in boundary conditions, loads, contacts and model utilities.
  • Pre-stressed and post-stressed reinforced concrete in Beams, Shells and solids models.
  • Steady state/transient heat transfer analysis.
  • Thermal/Structural coupling analysis.
  • Reverse element axes orientation.
  • Restart analysis option.
  • Improved convergence for Cam-Clay and Mohr-Coulomb material behaviour models.
  • OCR definition in Cam-Clay model.
  • Mohr Coulomb with C (cohesion) and Phi (friction angle) variable.

Who should attend?

  • CAE Analysts.
  • Product Design Engineers.
  • Engineering Managers.
  • Current CivilFEM users.
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