MSC Software partners with Ingeciber to improve safety and innovation in major infrastructure projects with simulation

MSC Software partners with Ingeciber to improve safety and innovation in major infrastructure projects with simulation

MSC Software Corporation and Ingeciber S.A., a specialised civil engineering CAE company with more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering, have extended their long-established technology partnership to offer customers easier access to simulation software that helps civil engineers deliver innovative, sustainable and safe infrastructure projects.

CivilFEM, powered by Marc – MSC’s nonlinear structural analysis solution – is a powerful and versatile program used for advanced analysis in all construction sectors. Its rich set of tools and unique capabilities streamline the creation of analysis models for construction, dams, forensic structural analysis, seismic design, geotechnics, soil-structure interaction, rock and soil mechanic analyses. It is used by civil engineering teams to validate innovative new designs and analyse the safety of major infrastructure projects from foundations, tunnels, mines to oil and gas assets, power plants and skyscrapers.

Used by companies such as BASF, SACYR, STI Norland and TransNet, the solution makes it easier for civil engineers to apply nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate their designs in various scenarios, including  normal use and situations such as earthquakes that affect the integrity of structures, extreme loading and long-term degradation and wear. Using the CivilFEM interface and tools, engineers apply the highly advanced Marc nonlinear solver to assess the feasibility, safety and durability of new structures and the materials used to build them without needing to a simulation expert.

Ingeciber’s CivilFEM powered by Marc software suite is now available through the MSCOne token-based access system, enabling customers to use CivilFEM and other simulation software through a common pool of tokens. In this way, customers globally can purchase the solution from a single vendor. The partnership also opens new avenues for joint solution development, including modelling the effect of wind flow on structures such as skyscrapers, using Cradle CFD, which can also be accessed through tokens.

José Miguel Moreno, CEO of Ingeciber, said “We are delighted to offer customers easier access to CivilFEM. We look forward to building on our partnership to offer new solutions that apply Marc’s broader simulation capabilities to provide new insights to civil engineers.”

John Janevic, COO of MSC Software added, “CivilFEM is a compelling solution for civil engineering, combining the power of our nonlinear simulation technology with Ingeciber’s deep knowledge of structures and the underlying mechanisms that can lead to failure. We are delighted to extend our partnership through MSCOneXT, making it easier for our mutual customers to build solutions that help them understand complex problems with simulation insights.”

The CivilFEM product suite is available from MSC Software globally. For more information please visit:


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