Advanced Seepage-Structural Coupled Analysis and Geotechnical applications in CivilFEM 2018

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Date and Time:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 05:30 pm

Europe Time (Madrid, GMT+01:00)

Language: English

Duration: 45 minutes.


Underground water can generate a big impact on structures and foundation stability, modifying shear strength and density on soil materials and pressures, besides erosion, carriage of material and soil slices on slopes.

CivilFEMĀ has the capability to carry out advanced seepage analyses, for steady state or transient flow conditions with orthotropic permeability conditions to determinate water table variation, water flow through different soil sections and pore water pressure and the impact on soil stresses, shear strength reduction and density. Moreover, CivilFEM can determinate the safety factor and risk of slope instability, reduction of foundation capacity and its effects on structures in dams, embankments and soil structure interaction problems.

The aim of these online webinar is to present CivilFEM 2018 advanced seepage-structural coupled analysis and some of the civil and geotechnical engineering applications and to provide a general overview on the modelling, analysis and design capabilities.


Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Steady state and Transient Seepage Analysis and seepage-structural coupled analysis.
  • Geotechnical material models, Soil mechanics, Earthwork simulations and Geotechnical investigation.
  • Soil Structure Interaction analysis.
  • Foundation, retaining walls and slope instability problems with Shear Strength Reduction Method.
  • Safety factor calculation.


Who Should Attend?

  • Civil and Structural engineers.
  • Geotechnical engineers.
  • Bridge engineers.
  • Forensic engineers.
  • FEA specialist.
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