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Stability Study of a Sewage Pipe

Shrinkage Cracking Concrete Analysis

Fiber Reinforced GBS


Vessel Platform

Transmission Tower

Steel Beam to Column Bolt Connetion

Pipe Rack Wind Study

Connecting Rod & Steel Conections

Sun Tracker structural analysis

Gas Storage Tank

Y Connection Pipe. Stress & thermal analysis

Isolator Electric chain

Seismic qualification of an air valve

Floating Caisson

Zarzuela Hippodrome

Hyperboloid Shaped Roof

House on the cliff

Forensic Seismic Reinforced Failure

Curtain Wall Framing Connection Castellana77

Concrete Structure Chemical Industry

Tunnel 2D O┬┤Donnell (Madrid) Metro Station

Wooden Footbridge

Masonry Bridge Seismic Analysis

Communication Tower

Cooling Tower

Nuclear Blind Connection Flange

Gravity Dam 3D

Collapse Airport Charles de Gaulle Paris


Effects Construction Process on Subway Tunnel